We built a cinema on the bank of the Thames

BFI London Film Festival – BFI


Hosting red-carpet premieres and world-class film for the BFI London Film Festival

The BFI London Film Festival showcases the world’s best new films in venues across the city.

Over consecutive years, we have been asked to design, build and manage a temporary cinema on London’s Victoria Embankment Gardens for the Festival.

Our Approach

This was a temporary space that would feel like a world-class cinema.

Not only was this to be a destination for red-carpet premieres, it also needed to bring a world-class cinematic experience to a small park in a busy part of central London–without damage to the historically and ecologically important site.


Over just nine days, we constructed London’s second largest cinema in Victoria Embankment Gardens, a beautiful park on the bank of the Thames

A Space That Flows

Our site map maximised seat capacity and acoustic quality and created a seamless flow between box office, F&B, welfare facilities and the auditorium

A Collaboration With The City

Noise, traffic and crowd management and ecological plans were meticulously developed through collaboration with stakeholders including Westminster City Council, the Metropolitan Police and London Fire Brigade.

A World-Class Destination

With 820 seats and approximately 35,000 guests over 11 days, we set out to provide a viewing experience that would surpass that of permanent cinemas.

An Efficient Build

Modular components were utilised for all structures as well as the seating block aiding build time, cost management and reuse.


Hosting 40 film premieres and 120,000+ visitors over the course of the Festival, the focus was on creating an impeccable cinematic experience. 



An Immersive Environment

The structure was carefully calibrated to maximise the sensory immersion and sense of togetherness that are cinema’s most valued qualities.

Air, Sound and Light

Air conditioning, sound technology, insulation, cladding, and lighting were all brought together to create an exceptional viewing experience.

A VIP Complex

With a red-carpet area, box office, bar and VIP lounge, the centrepiece was a 16-metre-wide screen with 4K digital projection, supplemented by Dolby 7.1 surround sound, a spectacular setting to screen film premieres, as well as hold Q&As with directors and cast.

820 seat capacity

1,500m2 of structures

12m high auditorium

35,000+ guests per festival