‘Consider our Impact’ is the name of our environmental policy

At People Group of Companies [PGC], we strive to deliver work that has a positive impact on society.

Our vision is to change lives through live experiences and sustainability plays a vital role in this. People Group of Companies [PGC] is the parent company of, People Live Limited, People FZ LLC, and Progress Live Limited. We strive to help brands and organisations connect with people face-to-face, by expressing themselves through experiences.

People Group of Companies recognises that its event management activities and operations have the potential to have both positive and negative environmental, social and economic impacts. We aim to consider and minimise our significant negative impacts in all three areas and ensure commitment to satisfy applicable legal and other requirements.

We will regularly audit our compliance with legislation and with this policy, measure our progress and continually improve our sustainable event and environmental performance.

Our sustainable event management purpose and values include transparency, stewardship, integrity, and inclusiveness. These values apply to our event management activities, services and our operations.

Accompanied with our core pillars of Love, Magic and Power, we strive to make a difference to the surrounding and wider community.

As an event management organisation we oversee and take into account the event management cycle from conception to planning through to implementation, review and post event activities.

Our current objectives and aims for sustainability include:


We aim to work with everyone within the community, by inviting new perspectives from people from different backgrounds and focusing on the needs of our audience, because we are all people. Our vision is not about the growth of our agency, but about the growth of our impact.


To educate our staff, suppliers, visitor and event clients on sustainable development related matters.


To achieve zero carbon emissions [net carbon zero] by 2050 in line with legislation set by countries such as the UK for our activities and services.


To ensure that all waste products are upcycled, re-used or recycled wherever possible and to avoid landfill at all costs.


To ensure that sustainable event management measures have a direct positive financial impact. By increasing financial viability of repeat projects,
through improved efficiencies, that become economically advantageous to clients with a direct impact on local SMEs.


We are fully committed to the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution across all our events. This policy applies equally to our suppliers and contractors, facilities and service providers and takes into account the needs of end users and our legacy.

We are committed to demonstrating leadership in the field of sustainability and the on-going positive legacy with regards to our sustainability programmes.